Sutra Single Pack Vape Pen

Sutra Single Pack Vape Pen

Addressing the need for an efficient personal unit, the Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer is an extremely small and compact Vape Pen manufactured by Got Vape that is designed specifically for Concentrated Essential Oils.

Built with a sleek design concept, the Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer measures only 4 inches in Length and 3/8 inches in Diameter, conveniently fitting inside the palm of your hand or pocket.

The Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer is a perfect companion for those that want the ability to Vaporize a variety of concentrated essential oils at home or on the go!

Utilizing a stylish and innovative print concept, the Sutra Pen is available in a wide range of colors such as: Satin Black, Pearl White, Carbon Fiber, Burlwood, Stone, and Tie Dye. This allows you to find the perfect color that fits your lifestyle!

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Each Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer lithium ion battery is designed to provide long-lasting use on a single charge. At the top of the battery is the power button. A white LED light glows whenever you push the power button to showcase that the Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer is in use.

The LED light also acts as an alert system, letting you know when your battery needs to be recharged by rapidly blinking 20 times.

A re-engineered stainless steel heating chamber, featuring a wickless ceramic nichrome heating element, allows for a hefty amount of your essential oil to be Vaporized at one time.
Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer Automatic Shut-OFF
Another feature accompanied with the Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer is the built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 15 seconds of continuous heat.


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